Dark Hardwood Flooring

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Dark Hardwood Flooring


2010 Hardwood Flooring Favors Dark Exotic Hardwoods


Dark-chocolate, coca-colored hardwood floors are all the rage for 2010. They bring an air of polish and sophistication into any home. Combined with the lure of exotic hardwoods, and this combo may just be the biggest seller in hardwood flooring this year. Bruce Hardwood Flooring offers a diverse collection of darker, exotic woods in its Bruce Turlington American Exotics Collection.

This collection of engineered hardwoods features walnut, maple, cherry, birch, and hickory woods in a variety of color options, although the darker colors are by far, a favorite. Cut into smaller, narrow three-inch planks, these darker colored hardwoods are perfect for those who prefer modern style decorating in their homes.
The auburn-colored Maple Cherry hardwood in this collection exudes warmth, without being too restrictive decorating-wise, which is the case with some of the other darker hardwoods. You could pair light green, gold, or even white walls with this type of flooring. The sunlight will seep through white, airy curtains, and reflect beautifully off the cherry floor, deepening the red undertones just a bit as the floor ages.

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The Walnut Cocoa Brown in this collection is much darker and doesn’t have the softness of the cherry. Pair this floor with burgundy colored walls and it will really pop. Warm reds look best this season paired with this smooth, chocolate-colored floor.

Dark floors Dark Hardwood Flooring

Birch Peppercorn is a real knockout in this collection and is perfect for those who want to go all out with an ultra-posh dark hardwood floor. This ebony-colored wood shouldn’t be paired with white walls, but next to champagne or cream colored walls and furniture, and it will look stunning!
All the floors in this collection are absolutely stunning – even the lighter colored woods, which some people prefer. Maple Cinnamon and Maple Caramel are rich golds that are as sweet and savory as their names suggest. Birch Natural is a wheat-colored wood that is perfect for those who want something very light.

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Interested in learning more about this collection? Contact an authorized Bruce Hardwoods retail and installation specialist. You can learn more about the woods and what options would work best for your home. Plus it pays to hire an expert to handle all the installation. It insures that you’ll receive Bruce’s 25-year finish and lifetime structural warranty, a crucial element when making an investment on a hardwood floor. Make 2010 the year you purchase a hardwood floor!

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Dark Hardwood Flooring


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